The first episode of the Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku anime series, which was released on July 4, 2013. The episode was storyboarded by series main director Hikaru Sato, and directed by Shigeru Ueda, with animation direction by Shinji Yamamoto. The episode adapted 4 chapters of the manga, from chapter 1 to chapter 4, corresponding to the subtitles of the episode.

Go-Home Club Applicants Edit

Japanese subtitle: 帰宅部入部希望 (Kitakubu Nyuubu Kibouu)

Kitakubu Episode 1, Part 1

Natsuki Andou discovering that the legendary club really exists.

Life is Short; Go Home, Young Lady Edit

Japanese subtitle: 命短し帰れよ乙女 (Inochi Mijikashi Kaere yo Otome)

Kitakubu Episode 1, Part 2

Shortly apresentation of the characters already in the club.

Beware of Hagizuki-ryuu Practitioners Edit

Japanese subtitle: 萩月流出没注意 (Hagizuki-ryuu Shutsubotsu Chuui)

Kitakubu Episode 1, Part 3

Botan Oohagi demonstrating the Hagizuki-ryuu techiniques.

Extravagant Youth: Priceless Edit

Japanese subtitle: (浪費した青春…プライスレス "Rouhi-shita Seishun… Puraisuresu")

Kitakubu Episode 1, Part 4

Claire Kokonoe presenting her celestial and rich aura.