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Chronicles Episode 03
Season 1, Episode 3
Air Date
July 25, 2013
Theme Songs
Opening Theme
2 Gakki Debut Daisakusen!!
Ending Theme
Wakuwaku DAYS☆
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Episode 04
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The third episode of the Summer 2013 anime known as Chronicles of the Going Home Club (帰宅部活動記録 Kitakubu Katsudō Kiroku?) consist of 4 sub-episodes: Record 8 to Record 11. It was aired on July 25, 2013.

Record ListEdit

  1. Funshinsha wo Korose! (不審者を殺せ! Kill the Suspicious Person!?)
  2. Chuugakkou Nikki (Burakku Daiarii) (中学校日記 (ブラック・ダイアリー) Middle School Diary (Black Diary)?)
  3. Kawaii ko Niwa wa Ame wo Ageyo (可愛い子には飴をあげよ Don't Feed the Cute Girls?)
  4. Kodoku no Ue ni mo Juu Go Nen (孤独の上にも十五年 Fifteen Years in Solitude?)

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