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Chronicles of the Going Home Club (帰宅部活動記録 Kitakubu Katsudō Kiroku?), is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Kuroha, serialized by Square Enix's Gangan Online service. The anime adaptation series produced by Nomad that started airing on July 4, 2013. Each episodes consist of 3 or 4 sub-episodes, named as "Record". There are two-weeks gap happened between Episode 1 with Episode 2 and Episode 6 with Episode 7

No. Records Air Date
No. Record Title
Episode 01 Record 1 Kitakubu Nyuubu Kibou
(帰宅部入部希望 Going Home Club Applicants?)
July 4, 2013
Record 2 Inochi Mijikashi Kaereyo Otome
(命短し帰れよ乙女 Life is Short; Go Home, Young Lady?)
Record 3 Hagizuki Ryuushutsu Botsu Chuui
(萩月流出没注意 Beware of Hagizuki Style Practitioners?)
Record 4 Rouhishita Seishun... Priceless
(浪費した青春... プライスレス Extravagant Youth... Priceless?)
Episode 02 Record 5 Hototogisu wa Nakanai. Tadanoshi Kabane no You da
(ホトトギスはなかないただのしかばねのようだ The Cuckoo Isn't Singing. It's Just Like a Corpse?)
July 18, 2013
Record 6 Joshiryoku Oubaadoraibu
(女子力オーバードライブ Feminine Appeal Overdrive?)
Record 7 Gouyun Kunren
(合ユユン訓練 Social Mixer Training?)
Episode 03 Record 8 Funshinsha wo Korose!
(不審者を殺せ! Kill the Suspicious Person!?)
July 25, 2013
Record 9 Chuugakkou Nikki (Burakku Daiarii)
(中学校日記 (ブラック・ダイアリー) Middle School Diary (Black Diary)?)
Record 10 Kawaii ko Niwa wa Ame wo Ageyo
(可愛い子には飴をあげよ Don't Feed the Cute Girls?)
Record 11 Kodoku no Ue ni mo Juu Go Nen
(孤独の上にも十五年 Fifteen Years in Solitude?)
Episode 04 Record 12 Nettou!! Zenki Kyuugi Taikai
(熱闘!!前期球技大会 Fierce Battle!! The First Term Ball Game Torunament?)
August 1, 2013
Record 13 Moeru!! Bouka Tamashii!!
(燃える!!防火魂!! Burn!! Fire Safety Soul!!?)
Record 14 Teyujin Re no Genri
(テユ人れの原理 Fundamentals of a Retool?)
Extra Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku Mini Theater - Episode 04
Episode 05 Record 15 Maou no Hinkaku
(魔王の品格 The Demon King's Dignity?)
August 8, 2013
Record 16 Bungaku no Summe
(文学のすっめ Recommended Literature?)
Record 17 Uro Oboe Otogizoushi
(うろおぼえ御伽草子 Vaguely-Remembered Folk Tales?)
Extra Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku Mini Theater - Episode 05
Episode 06 Record 18 Seishun wa Bakuhatsu da
(青春は爆発だ Youth is an Explosion?)
August 15, 2013
Record 19 Giruti Jajji
(ギルティジャッジ Guilty Judge?)
Record 20 Hagishirabe-ryuu Shitenno
(萩調流四天王 The Four Heavenly Kings of Hagishirabe-ryuu?)
Extra Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku Mini Theater - Episode 06
Episode 07 Record 21 Fuujirareta Kotoba
(封じられた言葉 Sealed Words?)
August 29, 2013
Record 22 Gekitou no Hate
(激闘の果て The Fierce Battle's Conclusion!!?)
Record 23 Sapuraizu Paatii
(サプライズパーティー Surprise Party?)
Extra Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku Mini Theater - Episode 07

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